5-Day, FREE Sprint To 'Build Your Perfect Downline'

Dates: Nov 8-12

"Wanna Build Your Auto-Recruiting Checklist

In Just 5-Days, Live, Daily...

With Steve J Larsen?"

 Live w/ Replays, Nov 8-12, ALL In The FREE Facebook Group. It All Ends In:

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What Could You Do In Only 5 Focused Days?

Only $100


 Challenge Starts Nov 8-12!

Binge Watch Before It Goes Away!

Build your perfect Downline for Your NM business, in a sprint style program

With Accountability and daily Action steps built in...

  It's Bite-Sized Step-By-Step,

and LIVE With Steve, Daily...

 It'll Make A Huge Impact

 In Your Business!

AND It'll Help Fuel Your 

  freedom And Future!

The 5-Day Plan

1) The Modern Downline Model

2) The 'BEFORE-You-Auto-Recruit' Checklist

3) The Network Marketing 'Balance Sheet'

4) The Hidden Lead Center In Modern Recruiting

5) What's Next?


 How Do I Get Access To The Challenge?

When you sign up you'll receive an email from me with a link to a Private Facebook group for your 5-Day Sprint.

Use your primary email so you'll be sure to see it!

You'll receive your confirmation email within 24 hours. If you haven't received it, be sure to check your spam folder.

  >> Can I Promote In The Group??

This is a 'No Promo Zone'. 
This is ONLY about educating. 
Any promoting at all will result in banning. 

  When Does The 5-Day Sprint Start?

Nov 8-12, 2021

  What If I Can't Make The Times?

All replays are ready and reposted about 5 minutes after each Live session.

If you have a question but can't attend a Live session with Steve, ask it in the Private FB Group.


  Does Steve Really Give Away A Full Scholarship To His Course?

Yup! Stick with the Sprint to be considered. We're watching to see who to give it to :) It's a full $997 value...


  Does Steve Yell Like He Did In OFA For ClickFunnels?

No. That was designed into the OFA Challenge, and this is different with a different purpose. Steve was doing a shtick.

But he's still full of pointed language loaded with do's and dont's...

(parents don't worry, swearing is not part of Steve's training as he's aware of how many kids and new teen-entrepreneurs now follow him)


  I'm Never On Facebook, Can I Still Participate?

For just 5 days you can access this sprint! Block out your FB feed cause there's power in connecting with other NM entrepreneurs in the Private Group.

The group is a safe learning environment. 

  Got Other Questions About The 5-Day Sprint?

5 Day Sprint

"Wanna Build Your Auto-Recruiting Checklist

In Just 5-Days, Live, Daily...

With Steve J Larsen?"

 Only $100 FREE!!!

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